Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ryan + Monica

     This past Thanksgiving, our cousins from Ohio visited us for the week for our annual get-together. These events are always filled with family games, feasting on food, and sleeping in!  We also had another family over, (my older brother Ryan's girlfriend's family) and we were finally able to get some updated pictures of Ryan and Monica.  Aubrey (Monica's sister) and I went to town on this short photo-shoot, and they were reluctant and impatient  willing and adorable models.  To see Aubrey's photos, head on over to her blog, she's got great style! Otherwise, here are a few of my favorites of them.

     More about my photography journey: One of my goals is to work towards having a consistent portfolio and style of photography in set-up, style, and editing.  Right now, I'm mostly exploring several style and experimenting with editing software (I used the VSCO app and iPiccy for these), so my photos may look different and scattered at times, but this is just me trying to expand and improve my style.  

Shout-out to these guys for giving us some genuine smiles in less-than-10-degree weather!

One more--just for fun. ;)

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