Saturday, June 28, 2014

Family Photography Session: Hougas Family

     This family asked me to take their family pictures for their prayer letter this year.  They are missionaries at home, serving at a local Bible camp.  So if you see their picture, please remember to pray for them!

     Also, this was my first time taking family photos, as I have mostly taken pictures of my friends in the past.  So any advice/critique would be welcome, and I would also like to thank the Hougas family for giving me this opportunity!

They picked out some awesome backdrops for their photos down at the camp they serve at.

The expression on everyone's faces are priceless.

Is this a foreshadowing of times to come?

For this photo, I liked the idea of the pose.  Unfortunately, I realized later that I should have taken the photo at a different angle (more in front of the girls) so that the eye would be more drawn to the foreground, instead of the middle of the picture.  Instead, I resorted to some more drastic editing to get the point across (below), even though I liked the full-color version better (above).

One of my favorites!

Aren't sisters supposed to be best friends? 

*glamour shot

What a beautiful family.

Thank you, Hougas family! :)

Don't Waste Your Life

     I was going to write a post about this yesterday, but I guess I can justify it this morning, since I don't technically turn 17 until tonight.  Wow...did I just say SEVENTEEN?  That means that I will never ever ever be 16 ever again.  And I thought adults were the only ones who talked about getting old! lol
     One of my New Year's resolutions this year, was to 'not waste any time'.  Of course, as New Year's resolutions usually go, you start out strong, and then gradually 'life' gets in the way, and you forget all about it.  I definitely noticed that media has gotten to be a bigger distraction for me this year, as I have had more relaxed limits on how much I go on the computer.  TV shows are one of the worst distractions, because of how addicting they can be.  Of course, this blog is on the computer, so hopefully I can begin to develop a time limit and schedule for my posts in the future.
     However, as I was reflecting on the past year in my journal last night, I did come up with several life-shaping events and growing experiences that have molded me to where I am today.
Here are some of the things I came up with (in no particular order):

  •      Recently, I had the privilege to stand up with one of my best friends at her wedding!  It was my favorite wedding I've ever been to, in a (classy) barn complete with cowboy boots and coral accents!
  • I got my first real job (besides babysitting) at Dairy Queen.
  • (The same week I got my job) I also became a licensed driver!
  • I improved in volleyball, and started to serve overhand more consistently.
  • I also surprised myself and improved my shot in basketball, which made for a fun season.
  • My family made a trip out west for the first time, seeing the badlands, Mt. Rushmore, and other tourist places.
  • I've been blessed with many opportunities to work on improving my photography skills.
  • So far, I've taken the ACT twice (and hopefully won't need to again!).
  • I've toured two college campuses and taken classes and CLEP tests for some college credit.
  • Since I had my job, finally I got to sponser a little girl from the Congo, through Global Fingerprints.
  • With Bible Quizzing, I was able to learn around 300 verses of Romans.
  • This year was my first time dancing for my recital on pointe shoes.
  • In January, I was able to finish reading through the entire Bible (in 2 years)
...I also joined this women's Bible Study (with a couple other teen girls), called Seeking Him....and I learned that I have a LOT of growing left to do in my walk with God and my interactions with others!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Newborn Photography Session: Baby Clara

Guest Blog Post: Simple DIY Gift

     Hey guys!  I wanted to have a really awesome first blog post for you all, but in my hurry to put up my first blog post, I'm settling for a guest blog post on my friend's blog (which you should totally go check out if you haven't already).  Technically, it's a DIY Mother's Day gift, but really you can customize it for anyone and for any occasion!
Here's how to make this gift.

     Hopefully you'll be hearing from me sometime soon with some original posts!