As one of the last summers that I will have more time on my hands for reading, I have decided to read as many books as I possibly can this summer!  Already, I have about 10 library books on the shelf, waiting to be read, and 10 more that I have already read.  Right now, my favorite book genre is Dystopian, so that is what most of the books will be.  I hope to write books someday, myself, so my first step is to learn from other successful writers by reading so much that I can't help but write.  This page will be about my adventures in these stories.  I will keep a running list of books I have read, along with occasional reviews and other thoughts about books and reading in general.

Summer Reading List:
  • "Unwind" (first in series)
  • "Uglies", "Pretties", "Specials", "Extras" (Uglies series)
  • The House of the Scorpion
  • "Skinned", "Crashed", "Wired" (Also known as The Cold Awakening Trilogy with "Frozen", "Shattered", and "Torn")
  • The Girl of Fire & Thorns, (first in series)
  • "Matched" (first in series)

Books I Would Recommend:
  • "The Giver", "Gathering Blue", "Messenger", "Son" (The Giver Quartet)
  • "Divergent", "Insurgent", "Allegiant" (Divergent Trilogy)
  • "The Maze Runner", "The Scorch Trials", "The Death Cure" (The Maze Runner Series)
  • "Same Kind of Different As Me"

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