Sunday, October 12, 2014

Photography: Lenz Family

     I was invited this fall to take some family pictures for the Lenz family.  Unfortunately, the leaves were either not quite at their peak or past it, and we ended up with some very green backgrounds.  Still, the kids were great, and everyone braved the cold and put on a smile anyway!

I was surprised at how bright the sun was so early in the morning!  We made it work though, and with the lake and sunshine, there was this beautiful mist all around.  

Someone was an early bird--enjoying the peaceful lake on a boat in the fog.

Lately, I've been liking the contrasting look of black and white photos.

Also, I'm experimenting with more candid shots, and I like this look much better!

This little guy had (always has!) plenty of energy.  I asked him to please run for me so I could experiment with some lighting and I ended up with this misty photo!

The bright morning sun created soft silhouettes of the family.

Once we finished experimenting with sunlight, we moved over to some shade to take a few close-ups.

{Looking to his parents while taking care of his younger sister}

Little sister has TWO big brothers to watch out for her!


Too much cuteness for one picture!

It's tough to capture 3 smiles in one picture, so here are 3 pictures with 9 adorable faces.

...and then we brought out the pumpkins!

" make a silly face at each other!"

Back to more family pictures:


What a beautiful family!

{p l a y f u l}

Towards the end, the kids were getting cold and tired, but they still managed to smile for the camera!

 Thank you, Lenz family!!

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